Answers to all of your questions about Eventrachna...

Why Eventrachna?

We offer the best event management and planning firms in your pocket friendly budget. Our quality and our service will set the new benchmark for customer care.

What is your Payment Procedure?

Customer buy the experience by paying online on our website, or by cheque. We forward the amount in advance to our associate event firm.

What is minimum amount required for booking?

Customer will have to pay 20% of the total invoice value at the time of booking and for the bookings which will take place in less than a week will have to pay 40% value of invoice.

Can a associate call us directly regarding booking?

No, You will always get a call from eventachna regarding any booking.

What if you get a booking and the venue is not available?

If the venue is not available we request you to book any other available date or you will be given a list of choice for some other venue for the same date.

What is the time slot system?

Customer while booking choose a date and time for the experience which is an indication that the customer will be there at his chosen time

What if the customers buy anything extra on spot at event?

If customer buy anything extra apart from the package he/she will directly pay the amount.

What if we cancel the event?

Please refer to our cancellation policy.